Strategic Business Plan

A comprehensive strategic business plan, as well as operating plan developed directly from our mission statements.

Total Solutions Approach

A single-source provider of multiple integrated products and services with the efficiencies of supply chain management.

ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified

Highly developed process improvement program

LEAN initiatives and Kaizen events are tools used to improve work flow and product quality.

Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Employee developed, constantly communicated and lived daily.

Internal Sophistication

From flow charts to procedure manuals, from computerization of operations to bar coding, from EDI capability to managing customers material requirements – we know what we are doing and do it well.

Latest state-of-the-art equipment

In use in all departments including computer color matching and monitoring, computer-aided design, and measuring, testing and control equipment

Multiple manufacturing sites

Offering manufacturing in the United States as well as China

Ability to produce the most demanding, high quality, close tolerance parts

Our cell team approach to customer involvement and service with emphasis on memorable customer service.

We live our philosophies

Participatory management, partnership, involvement, continuous improvement, innovation, open book management, recognition, responsiveness and integrity