2011 Inmold Decorating2Used in applications from hand-held electronic devices to components in automobile dashboards, in-mold decorating rewards the end-user with a high-quality, long lasting product.

Because of the protective surface that is created when the printed overlay is bonded with the molding resin, this second surface process adds a dimension of durability not found in first surface pad printed parts. The graphics are virtually scratch resistant.

Flat or formed construction options are available.

Our formed in-mold decorated inserts (IMD) can be used for a variety of film-insert molding (FIM) applications including, automotive, cosmetic packaging, appliances, and telecommunications. All printing of graphics is done to the back, or second surface providing the ultimate protection from scratching and peeling. This application is the ideal solution if you need:

  • Formed buttons and appliqués
  • Three dimensional parts
  • Parts requiring tightly registered graphics
  • Parts requiring back-lighting or multiple colors
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